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Lily ‘n Jack Snuggle Bunny and Blankie Set

Lily ‘n Jack Snuggle Bunny and Blankie Set


The Lily ‘n Jack Snuggle Bunny and Blankie Set is the Ultimate Self-Soother. Both Bunny and Blankie are wonderfully soft and we guarantee that as your little one grows, this set will transform from Snuggle to Safari, when it is dragged, carried, thrown and carted wherever your little one goes.


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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Bunny/Blankie Colour

Grey, White, Caramel

Ear/Trim Colour

Blue, Pink, White, Floral, Pinstripe Cotton


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‘Lily n’ Jack Snuggle Bunny & Blankie Set’: The Ultimate Self-Soother!

Lily ‘n Jack Snuggle Bunnies are a well known favourite. They become babies best sleep time friend and are wonderful and soft to cuddle and hold. Now with the ‘Lily ‘n Jack Snuggle Bunny and Blankie Set‘ you can have the ultimate self-soother to help calm and settle your little one.

Product Features at a Glance:
  • A Lily ‘n Jack snuggle bunny, made from super soft fleece and choose between silky satin ears or soft cotton ears. 26cm x 21cm
    • Free from choking hazards, unlike regular soft toys
    • From favourite soother to favourite toy; a Snuggle Bunny will keep your little one company throughout childhood
  • The blankie is made using only the softest coral fleece and is trimmed with silky satin or 100% cotton.
    • The snuggle blankie is the perfect size (40cm x 40cm) for little hands.

Benefit: This is the ultimate self-soother set to help your baby sleep from infancy. A real must have! This is a tactile, soothing gift that even grown-ups find hard to put down!

TIP: Let your Lily ‘n Jack Snuggle Bunny sleep in the bed with Mom and Dad before baby is born. After spending a few hours with Mom and Dad, the bunny will retain their familiar scent to help soothe and reassure a new baby.

Why does my baby need a self-soother?

Touch is the first means by which a baby can communicate with the world. Snuggle Bunnies’ soft, luxurious feel stimulates physiological and emotional responses in a child / baby and promotes healthy development and sleep. You can’t really teach your baby how to self-soothe, but you can provide him with a comforting, tactile object to help him to teach himself. Developing the ability to soothe himself to sleep will enable your baby to snooze for longer stretches. It will also help him to put himself back to sleep when he naturally wakes up during the night, allowing him to get the rest he needs to grow and thrive. What’s more, self-soothing is an important life skill that will serve your baby well not just at bedtime but also in other situations, such as when he’s separated from you or when he’s frustrated or fussy.


It is best to hand wash your Lily ‘n Jack Snuggle Bunny and Blankie, but they can also be machine washed – the Bunny is stuffed with Unicurl to prevent bunching. Re-shape whilst still damp.

Product Origins:

Born in South Africa, Lily ‘n Jack hand make snugglers of the finest quality fleece, satin and cotton. Every baby deserves one of these very soft, special snugglers.